Architecture that introduces the future to the futuristic.
Maximum sustainability and more than minimalistic.
A statement with style. Planning permission issued. In the heart
of Berlin.
Timeless beauty
here and now

Four buildings. Nine facades. One ensemble.
40,800 m² GFA. The facts:

  1. Offices and residential areas

    Forty4 is designed to provide headquarters for big businesses. These will be complemented by restaurants, small businesses, and two residential buildings to create the perfect work/life balance in a single ensemble. Thoughtfully planned from the inside out – and down to the smallest detail.

  2. Expansive freedom

    Offering 3,900 m² GFA (atrium building) and 800 m² GFA (corner building) per floor, the sheer amount of flexible floor space here is impressive. And it offers even more: a 750 m² temperate atrium, a 700 m² inner courtyard, and an airy 670 m² roof terrace.

  3. Elegance in every dimension

    With its spaciousness, the building is as ethereal as it is majestic. The subtle gradations in the facade grid are fluid. Luxurious ceiling heights between 3.2 m and 3.5 m provide space for big ideas – and a home for movers and shakers.

  4. Underground parking garage – also for cyclists

    Out of sight, the complex enables the future of mobility in two underground parking garages. In addition to 60 parking spaces for cars, a separate garage includes 370 spaces for bicycles – with its own entrance, locker rooms, and showers. For a greener, fitter, and fresher commute to work.

  5. Prime location, prime infrastructure

    Located at the Warschauer Strasse transportation hub, with S-Bahn trains, subway trains, trams, and buses just around the corner. Arterial roads lead in all directions. Surrounded by countless restaurants and shops. Easy to come and go but hard to tear yourself away.

  6. Confirmed project planning

    The project was developed in close consultation with the city of Berlin. Official
    planning permission has been issued for Forty4. Tenants will secure their position well into the future.

A question of size – with three spacious answers.
A, B, or everything. Your rental options.


Headquarters in the capital: the entire office ensemble comprising approximately 31,900 m² GFA as a statement piece with a plethora of potential – for big ideas and bigger businesses.


One of the two buildings: either the large atrium building with its work-optimized contiguous floorplans, or the expressive corner building with access to the green courtyard.

Atrium building:
26,800 m² GFA

Corner building:
5,100 m² GFA

Residental buildings:
8,900 m² GFA

Compelling and eye-catching architecture: Restaurants and stores
on the ground floor enhance the quality of life on Warschauer Platz.

Boarding complete: a temporary home
for modern mobile workers and visitors.

  • Two residential buildings
  • Total of 8,900 m² GFA
  • 100 furnished apartments
  • Ranging in size
    from 30 to 110 m²
  • With balcony, loggia,
    or terrace
  • Fully serviced

Big city life with great neighbors: located right next to the Mediaspree,
between prominent players and vibrant neighborhoods.

Umgebungskarte mit folgenden Markierungen: S- und U-Bahnhof Warschauer Straße, U-Schlesisches Tor, S- und Fern-Bahnhof Ostbahnhof, Mercedes Benz, Zalando, East Side Mall, Amazon, RAW Site, Universal Music, Mediaspree, Coca Cola, MTV, Porsche Digital, Lieferando
Stralauer Allee 44
1 Mercedes Benz
2 Zalando
3 East Side Mall
4 Amazon
5 RAW Site
6 Universal Music
7 Mediaspree
8 Coca Cola
10 Porsche Digital
11 Lieferando
An indoor outdoors: the temperate atrium like a 3D screen that
sets the stage for conferences, summits, and big ideas.
Paradise on earth: there is no basement beneath the landscaped inner courtyard, meaning plants can grow and thrive as nature intended.

Sustainability with enthusiasm —
with visible, tangible, and

immediate effects

Highest awards. Deepest thinking. Thanks to its holistic design, Forty4 has already been pre-certified platinum status by the DGNB. Its innovative ceilings use less concrete and reduce the carbon footprint by up to 45%. And for its intelligent, human design. And for features such as PV systems and evaporation surfaces for rainwater. For a better urban climate. Sustainability that extends far beyond
the site.

The timeless and enduring architecture
of the complex offers scope for a
range of different office landscapes –
from distinguished to metropolitan.


Open spaces vs. safe havens. Modular spaces can be organized flexibly –

as open-plan areas, individual offices,
or a combination of both.


Shaken or stirred? The over-the-top
roof terrace.
Gives success the outlook
it deserves.